Our Story

On Tuesday 26th November 2019 my gorgeous baby girl was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes at just 11 months old.

It's a day I will never ever forget ☹

All the sleepless nights putting it down to her teething and being a baby, asking friends who also have babies and a trip to the doctors being told it was just a viral infection. I'm glad I didn't listen and I trusted my instincts, my baby girl was sent straight to A&E from the doctors, with the doctors voice going around my head saying they were almost certain that she has diabetes.

I was distraught and terrified for her. I knew NOTHING then about type 1 diabetes.

With her being so little and not being able to communicate, I had the constant worry that if anything were to happen no one would know there was anything wrong with her. SO I decided to make a type 1 Diabetic keyring for her car seat and baby bag for anyone to see if such a thing were to happen.  

So in February 2020 Meggy Moos was born. 

I now make awareness keyrings for all hidden disabilities and allergies for both children and adults! And so that no one feels left out, I also make personalised keyrings too!